About Us

It all started last Christmas

I got a friend a thoughtful gift of Yankees tickets. I called in some favors and got him really good seats. To my surprise, later that year I got a card from him. Alright, Karma was finally coming my way! I opened the card with delight only to find that instead of giving me a gift in return he had donated money to some children's charity! He took my gift and gave it to someone else!

That's when I created:

The Human Fund - Money For People

How It Works:

  • Print off one copy for each of your friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors.(Print yours here.)
  • Give them out to all of those people.
  • Save all the money you would have spent on their gift!
  • Try not to get caught by your boss.

P.S. You probably really want to know what's up. Read the real deal by clicking the big button. Real About Us